3rd Annual eDiscovery Survey of Illinois Lawyers

I recently conducted the third annual survey of Illinois attorneys regarding their experience with technology and electronic discovery for the  Chicago based Law Bulletin Publishing Company.  Responses to this year’s survey (185) were somewhat lower than the previous year, returning to the level of the number of respondents in 2008, the first year of the survey, and also reflected a higher number of small firms than in previous years.  On the other hand, the highly respected annual Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey only had 155 respondents, so perhaps our demographic is consistent with other surveys being taken.

IT staff and lit support personnel were also included in this years survey, which consisted of 18 questions asking about level of exposure to eDiscovery matters and experiences with electronic discovery vendors and products. The final question asked for an opinion on the most important issues in the eDiscovery practice area. 

Also this year, rather than asking respondents to rate their products or vendors, we asked several new questions. The first was “Do you think that e-discovery vendors are effective in defining their services?” 63% said “No” which may well explain why no single vendor or product is garnering significant market share.

We next asked “If you saw an ad for an e-discovery provider in a reputable legal publication, would it influence your decision on which vendor to consult?” 53% said “No” which, of course, means that nearly one half said “Yes.”

Finally, we asked “Do you feel an e-discovery provider that services the entire ED process is more useful than one that only specializes in a portion of the process?” 66% said “Yes” with the most common explanation being similar to this one: “Consistency in handling [all aspects] reduces any chance of duplication of work and/or costs.” The common answer from those who said ‘no’ was, “Some cost-savings are possible with a ‘soup to nuts’ company, however, often times specialists provide better quality of service and degree of expertise than a one-stop shop.”

You can view the full report at LexTek Report, the technology blog for the Chicago Lawyer magazine which is maintained by David Glynn, Director of Research & Product Development at the Law Bulletin.

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