LegalTech New York A Big Hit

Crowds at LegalTech were still heavy on day three.  Excellent educational content was driving heavy attendance at the sessions .. I arrived five minutes late for a panel featuring Craig Ball, George SOcha and Ralph Losey and couldn’t even get into the room as it was beyond SRO into WRO, Waiting Room Only.

Browning Marean and I were once again in the ED Zone, interviewing Atty. Maura Grossman from Wachtell  about litigation holds and the new decision from Judge Sheindlin in the Pension Committee case. The TechLaw Solutions booth was buzzing with onlookers as the three of us discussed lit hold implementation, document collections in foreign countries and all things ED.

Litigation hold applications were in abundance as were several new inexpensive forensic collection tools and a variety  of  analytic tools for early case assessment.  And attendees strolling the exhibit hall could meet and chat with ED luminaries such as Craig Ball, Michael Arkfeld, George Socha, Judge Ronald Hedges, Mary Mack  and even the seldom seen Bill Speros. 

Also spotted were document assembly pioneer Jim Eidleman and Roger Miller of El Paso, owner of Altep, one of the earliest lit support vendors in the country.  And spotted all over the show floor was Monty Lunn of the Alchemy Group telling everyone about the first annual Green Legal Matters Symposium being held in New Orleans on April 27-28.

The mood was decidely upbeat as attendees were optimistic about a gradual turnaround in the business climate. And of course today I had to wear my Saints jersey and give a shoutout to the Who Dat  nation.

One of the mysteries of the show, however, were the constant tweets from The Fake Tom O’Connor. Depsite numerous questions, I can assure you that it was NOT me tweeting under that name and the actual identity of TFTO is still unknown.

I’ll recap the trends and issues of the show but right now I’m off to JFK to catch a flight home.


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    I hope they catch that handsome devil.

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