Example of EDiscovery Cheaper Than Paper

Here is a great example of how the judicious use of technology can make e-discovery of data cheaper and faster than the tried and true paper paradigm.  This LitSupport listserv post comes from Paul Engel, the President and CTO of VeBRIDGE in Lexington, KY.  Paul ish well known in Summation circles as a top notch litigation technology consultant and this examplar is extremely informative.

This is an interesting thread. I do a presentation on “EDD Gotchas” and include a quick comparison of an e-discovery job we did a few years ago w/ its equivalent hard-copy conversion

The EDD job was 12GB of data. It was pre-culled, so the filtering and de-duping ended up eliminating 15% of the emails and only 4% of the e-docs. The job was completed in a couple of days and resulted in 105K emails out of 124K in the repository, and 71K e-docs out of 74K on the produced hard drive. Since it was EDD, the output was 100% text searchable and fully meta-data coded…all 1.3 million pages. The cost was under $9K.

Pricing the same job in the old days of paper, it would have cost couple hundred thousand (including full bibliographic coding), and the OCR would have resulted in an accuracy of between 70% and 90%. (Before we debate this number…even in a highly competitive market, the cost would have exceeded $100K.) PLUS, in the absence of de-duping and filtering, over 160,000 pages of evidence would have had to have been reviewed. At low paralegal costs and assuming a couple hundred pages per hour, that would have cost the client an additional $60K.

How soon we forget! The sticker shock comes from the physical miniaturization of the content. Looking at over 500 stacked boxes makes $200K seem reasonable. Looking at 3 DVDs makes $9K seem outrageous!

Oh … I forgot to mention the turnaround time would have been weeks or months instead of hours!


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