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The responses to Craig Balls post on educating attorneys have been quite interesting. Overall, his query “Do they go to a community night course on computers? Pursue online education? Wait for the next Georgetown Academy? “  garnered many emails saying “all of the above”.  As Browning Marean of DLA Piper noted, there is no general technology educational resource for attorneys and it is unlikely that there ever will be, first because the field is constantly changing and no clear standards have yet to emerge and second because of the reluctance of traditional legal educational insitutions to undertake any form of “vocational” training. His suggestion is a constant monitoring of ED websites and among his favorites are the KL Gates case law siteAlltopRalph Loseys site and the EDRM  web page.  To that list I’d add EDD Update, Unfiltered Orange and the very new eLaw Exchange from Mike Arkfeld.
But as the discussion continued to evolve,  Craig himself asked a more pointed question, saying “All the suggestions thus far are great, but to be clear, I was thinking about the absence of a reading list for those seeking to master the technology of ESI.  Where does a lawyer go beyond a “How Things Work” book series?”
Well first of all, I don’t think there is a “How Things Work” book series for lawyers. I’ve been doing a series of CLE sessions for two years in Mississippi and Louisiana as part of my pro bono efforts on this topic and Browning and I have been attempting to assemble a curriculum of webinars and podcast on that very topic, but to date there is no centralized resource on this topic that I know of which is designed for the legal community.
But with respect to ED specific books, here is the list that has been suggested so far, with recommendations from Browning, Craig, Ralph Losey, George Rudoy and Rob Robinson

“Introduction to E-Discovery: New Cases, Ideas, and Techniques” Ralph Losey (ABA 2009)

“Electronic Discovery and Records Management Guide” Browning Marean. Mary Pat Poteet and Jay Grenig  (Thomson 2008)

“Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business”  Fons Trompenaars (Nicholas Brealey Publishing 1996

“A Process of Illumination:  The Practical Guide To Electronic Discovery” Mary Mack (FIOS 2008 )

“The Electronic Evidence and Discovery Handbook” Sharon Nelson, Bruce Olson, and John Simek (ABA 2007)

“The Discovery Revolution” George Paul and Bruce H. Nearon (ABA 2006)

“e-Discovery: Current Trends and Cases” Ralph Losey  (ABA 2008)

“Electronic Discovery and Evidence” Michael Arkfeld (Law Partner Publishing 2008)


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  2. Bryant Bell on

    Hi Tom:

    Do you believe that your comments are applicable to paralegals as well? I think that in firms, many times the task of understanding ESI and eDiscovery is handed to the paralegals or lit support managers. Thank you for your list and comments it validates my interest in positioning technology in terms of practical workflow instead of just tech features and benefits.

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