New Thoughts On Native Files

Ralph Losey has an excellent post this week on native files called Should You Go Native ?  As always, Ralph has a very thorough, scholarly approach to the issue and focuses in on several recent decisions to further discuss the issue.

One interesting point that Ralph made was that “going native” will require an investment in some type of  “specialized” software that allows you to review and produce native files.  I posted a comment on Ralph’s site disagreeing with this proposition because it seems to me that this issue can be handled by using a SaaS application.  Hosted software that allows review and redaction of native files with very little up front cost seems an excellent way to eliminate the need for buying an application just to work with native files.

I’ve written a white paper on the criterion for a hosted application and I’m going to be discussing this issue tomorrrow at the EDRR conference in Los Angeles.  I’ll report what I hear on this perspective over the next several days and meanwhile am interested in any and all opinions on this topic.



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